I hear the hunger in a Rappers voice straight out of RVA & The Bay area?

Richmond Va Rapper Noah O was born in The Bay Area of Cali but lived most of his years in RVA, I guess thats why he coined the phrase “V-yAy” I have no more time to explain this talented rapper so ill just let his music and a few links to his pages explain it all.  Check the Hard hitting single “i got it” feat. Streetz Deep & J.deniro Bass loud in the streets of VA (Certified VA Anthem)

DOWNLOAD “TRILLMATIC 2” http://usershare.net/28cjez8uwlr8

Noah-O “i got it” promo video

Noah-O “oh my”

Noah-O “Gwap  Getta”

Also him and his partner Black Fonzarelli are bringing back elements of  Hip-Hop to the 804 with there Rebirth Events.  Check out some video below.  

Past Rebirth Beat Battle Vids

For more info on Noah-O,Trillmatic2,Black Fonzarelli,The Rebirth Click the linx below!






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