Who is Les La Britanica ?

Who said MySpace wasnt good for anything anymore? Even though its kinda turning into a waste ground for social networking, it’s still good for signed & unsigned artist to showcase their music along with snatching a free website.  So I said all that to say this… I came across a group out of Richmond VA by the name of Les La Britanica.

I tried to search for as much info on this techno/hiphop/electronica fusion of a group and all I could find is this: Band members consist of Les La, Jilla Kew & Reil Young also known as “The skinny girl, the missing tooth & The killa jew” The Lady of the group reminds me of M.I.A and the 2 guys remind me of Get Busy Committee.  Take a listen to some of Les La Britanica DOPE music which can be found @ http://www.myspace.com/leslabritanica 

Stand out tracks are:

“Girl Fight”

“Doin Thangs”

“Stoopid, Faded”


For Bookings: LesLaBritanica@gmail.com 

Check Les La Britanica upcoming show @ The Camel July 19th 2010.  I did my investigative journalism and that’s all I could come up with folks.

Lil Moma said “I got two brass knuckles in my bra” now that’s my kinda of Gal 😉

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