Attack of the Internet FAILS !

So you can probably already guess what this post is going to be about…  INTERNET FAILS !  Planet804 has compiled the Best of the worst INTERNET FAILS for your viewing pleasure.  Were going to let them go head to head to see who is the Epic FAIL! Place your bets now on these Epic FAILS.  Check them out below plus some of their most famous quotes LoL 

* 50TYSON  “i aint gone say dat im 50 tyson”

Eli Porter  “See im the best man, i deed it”

Tony   “why should I myself like people”

Tsimfuckis  “Its your boy tsimfuckis a.k.a chicken little”

Antoine Dodson AUTOTUNE REMIX “They raping everybody out here”

*SIDENOTE:  It’s a dam shame that as corny as this dude is rapping, if they threw a beat behind it and told you it was the most popular thing, you would like it.  I’m starting to believe that younger people see a lot of these corny rappers that’s actually out now & think they can get a deal with wack rhymes & punch lines… THINK ABOUT IT!

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