Is it Death before dishonor or are you Blowing money fast ?

 I never thought that these 2 artist would have beef with each other but it looks like Rapper Jezzy & Rick Ross have locked horns over wax.  It all started with Rick Ross infectious summer anthem “B.M.F” (Blowing Money Fast) Where he opens up the track by saying “I think im Big Meech” Head of the now incarcerated BLACK MAFIA FAMILY.  Now on the other hand we have Jeezy who is closely affiliated with BLACK MAFIA FAMILY in real life.  Jeezy released a song called “Death before dishonor” and states “How you blowing money fast, you don’t know the crew?”  In a recent interview Jeezy claims he was not dissing Rick Ross… You make the decision!

Rick Ross “B.M.F”

Jeezy “Death before dishonor”

NEWS FLASH:  Rick Ross just responded back with  “the summers mine”


Sidenote: Me personally im just gone keep bumping Lupe fiasco’s version of B.M.F (Building Minds Faster) untill all this money blows over.   “I Think im Malcolm X, Martin Luther… add a King… Add a Junior”

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