[VIDEO] Channel 6 News weather reports that a Volcano is hitting #RVA

Considering that I’ve only had power at my house for two of the past seven days, I kind of feel like the weather we’ve experienced here in RVA over the past week or so has been bad enough. But apparently things could be a lot worse, at least according to a spoof weather forecast recorded by WTVR Channel 6 meteorologist Aaron Justus, which was spread around the internet over the weekend. The forecast, which has been posted to Gawker, Mashable, and other aggregator websites around the net, predicts a volcanic eruption in Charlottesville, leading to temperatures of 400 degrees (with apologies to Juvenile) at the epicenter and 350 or so here in Richmond. After that, we’re told that a superstorm will drive “tidal waves” (you’d think a real live weatherman would know that referring to a tsunami with this term is incorrect) onto our shores, just before Godzilla arrives to deflect the entire thing. Finally, we’re warned to watch out for coyotes. The whole thing is a bit ridiculous, and only intermittently funny, but I find it more amusing to see that it got leaked to the internet in the first place. Channel 6 has posted an official response on their website, stating that “The spoof video was actually recorded a year ago, on June 25, 2011. It never aired on television and the meteorologist hasn’t worked at CBS 6 WTVR for a year.” I wouldn’t be surprised if some heads were rolling right now at the Channel 6 offices. Anyway, here’s the video–enjoy:

via RVA Mag

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