Its good to see a colabaration of some of the best music artist out of Richmond Virginia all together on one CD.  Record labels been skipping over RVA talent for way to long now.

  • 1.Intro BMG$ presents the RVA CO-OP VOL.1
  • 2.New Money – Kane
  • 3.I Dont Feel Nothing-showslimstunna feat.triggerman
  • 4.the truth -Roy revolution
  • 5.WATER – Millz
  • 6.Dj. T Dubb
  • 7.Turn Up – Noah O
  • 8.Old Thang Back – Ty Nitty
  • 9.Zero G.D.E
  • 10.Fly Kicks – Cuzzo Ton
  • 11.Paper Chaser – Mona J
  • 12.Big Keith
  • 13.Fuck A dream – Skin Franklyn
  • 14.That’s Real – Cee X
  • 15.Rythym Shack – Spade
  • 16.Touch The Sky – DJ FROM Va Feat. Kane
  • 17.Sinister Shan
  • 18.Where The Twerkers At – j Roddy Rodd
  • 19.NewNiggaShit – Innascent]
  • 20.Bodygaurd Ruin feat. Stuey Rock
  • 21.B Sounds
  • 22.So Fresh – Rahshon
  • 23.The P show
  • 24.Any Means- MGT feat. Zed Zilla
  • 25.Runnin Up to Sacks- HFE
  • 26.Bury The Hachet – Die Hard Boyz
  • 27.804 Ent
  • 28.Hood Pop – Oxx
  • 29.SnapbackNtattoos – K. Black
  • 30.Trapstar – Dj. Var
  • 31.The Race – Bless
  • 32.Paper Planes – j Dub feat.young campaign


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