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Carytown Watermelon Festival 2010 (photos)

 The 27th Annual Carytown Watermelon Festival took place Sunday August 8th.  Cary street in Richmond VA was filled with merchants, food and $1.00 bowls of watermelon.  I believe this photo of the dumpster of watermelon rinds sums up the whole event along with how many watermelon were consumed that day!

 Shoutout to T & J’s Gourmet Ice cream (They had some of the best mango ice cream out there!) Also Check out the photos below with Planet804 correspondent T.R.A.C.E.E 12 news playing the buckets, Photo opp with long-lost member of the Wu-Tang Clan + RVA Rapper NOAH-O with the family.

SIDENOTE: The Carib Culture Unity Festival was also a good event on Saturday, Aug 7 in Shockoe Bottom at the Farmers market, just too hot and they ran out of a special drink called “Pussy Foot” before i could get too it!

Its Something Tainted about this movie!

It was a nice sunny day in RVA, People walking around with the utmost Southern Hospitality that VA brings, kids drawing on the ground all up and down Carry street even  the birds were chirping and shit! lol

But if you walked a little further down the street to the Historical Byrd Theater we saw this & things got crazy, we like crazy at Planet804!

It was a movie playing called “The Taint” by Drew Bolduc & Dan Nelson.  Yes the movie was crazy,funny,B rated and GOOOOOOREY! Just like those low budget Troma movies this was straight out of VA something we could call our own! What happends when a Dick enlargeing syrum that goes wrong gets poured into the James River you get the movie The Taint!

Check their page for more info