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Ghostly photos captured at Richmond’s #INLIGHT Exhibit

1708 Gallery put on there annual Inlight Exhibit on Friday October 19.  This year it took place at Tredegar Iron Works and one of our readers was snapping pictures and seem to have caught multiple Ghostly Orbs in 2 pictures, You be the judge!?  THANK YOU @_JohnCarlos

Lost Richmond – Exploring Elko Tract, Richmond’s “Lost City” (via You Guys Should Know)

I think i should make a trip here! Thanx for the info

Lost Richmond - Exploring Elko Tract, Richmond's "Lost City" Richmond is a town of history. Everything is historic… the streets, the buildings, the canals, the houses.. its almost overload to the point where there’s so much history no one really pays attention to it on a daily basis because its just there. About a decade ago, I began hearing stories out of Richmond East-enders about Richmond’s Lost City. Although no two stories were alike, the basic gist of it was that during World War II, Richmond creat … Read More

via You Guys Should Know