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[VIDEO] PUSHA T #MNIMN Interview Part 2

Pusha T speaks on his brother Malice and about being watched and detained by police.

[VIDEO] PUSHA T #MNIMN Interview Part 1

Pusha T sat down with Complex Magazine’s Noah Callahan-Bever during the shooting of Blocka video to talk about Still living in Virginia but thinking globally.

[INTERVIEW] TheRVAProject talks to Noah-O x Taylor Whitelow about #MonumentAvenue


Had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to meet Noah-O and Taylor Whitelow today. They allowed me to come into their studio as they worked on Noah-O’s project entitled Monument Avenue. They have been working on this album since January, and I must say they have truly laid the groundwork for what Virginia based hip-hop should be.

I was fortunate to be able listen to tracks from the album, and there was not a single song that left me disappointed. I can tell that a lot of pure energy went into the creative process. The album was incredibly well put together, and the production and lyricism were simply flawless. Everything flowed, from start to finish.

Tracks such as Ascension,, and Klephnote left me feeling nothing  pure anxiousness as I await the release of the album. Noah-O has taken his own life and experiences and made them simply relatable to all people across the map, not just here in RVA. His delivery and storytelling make for a perfect marriage to Taylor Whitelow’s beats and production. I can honestly say that this album is a much needed contribution to the hip-hop community.

Noah-O will be performing live at this years 2013 Epic Fest on Saturday. For more information on Noah-O

Youtube: ChargedUpEnt


IG: Noah804

Facebook: Noah-O

Twitter: Noah-O

Taylor Whitelow:

Twitter: The_Youth_Move


[VIDEO] The 450 Series Noah-O: Peep My Feet

The Rebel Society Presents The 450 Series and this episode features rapper and co-owner of Charged Up Ent, Noah O titled Peep My Feet. In this piece he speaks on creating more of a life for his family, his favorite shoes, Richmond VA and vintage clothes. Make sure you check out the upcoming release of Noah O’s independent album, Monument Ave. Video contains footage from the Peep My Feet shoe showcase. Shot and edited by Shod Harris of The Rebel Society.

Noah O

For More On The Rebel Society:

[VIDEO] Nardwuar vs. Pharrell Williams (2013)

[VIDEO] Roxy Grey interviews No Malice & Shomi Patwary

The Lovely Roxy Grey interviews No Malice on his upcoming busines and Director Shomi Patwary.

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[VIDEO] Pusha T Breaks Down “Wrath of Caine” Mixtape Fuse TV

Pusha breaks dows a few of the tracks from Wrath of Caine along with claiming Big Daddy Kain is better than Rakim.

[VIDEO] Pusha T x Miss Info: Wrath of Caine Mixtape Preview

Pusha T previews 2 new tracks
“It Doesn’t Matter” Ft. French Montana
“Only You Can Tell It” Ft. Wale from upcoming mixtape WRATH OF CAIN!

[VIDEO] Pusha T talks “My Name Is My Name” Album, Production Credits and More with HHS1987 (Video) on Vimeo

Pusha T chops it up with HHS1987 and Speaks about  “My Name Is My Name” Album and also confirming the diss of Birdman & Lil Wayne.

[VIDEO] Trey Songz Says He Can Steal Kim Kardashian From Kanye West!