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[VIDEO] KungFu Grandpa Auto Tune Version

By now we have all seen home town Hero Kung Fu GrandPa wielding his Nun Chucks accompanied by hilarious commentary by Rev. Aamon R. Miller  Now we have the Auto tuned version by Daniel Songs, Go Download it!  I swear this North Henrico parking lot has its share of weirdness & funny moments… A few years ago one of the craziest letters ever written was also discovered in that very same Food Lion parking lot, TRY to read it here.

[VIDEO] Old White Man explains pimping rules for J.Cole & Trey Songz

“Trey Songz I Respect That Dog, but J.cole fuck you  you a pussy”

I don’t know where This guy “Hard White” or his mullet came from but he has some very choice words for J.Cole!  Sounds like he pulls out the Pimping rule book on J.Cole for letting Trey Songz steal his shine in his video.  This has got to be the funniest video I have seen since Getting White Boy Wasted With Baker

Vote TROY MICHEL for CW Richmond Vj Contest

Also Check out Troy Michel acting skills in Noah-ODestination Moon” Video

Click this link and then click “FINAL FIVE” above her video to vote!

Getting White Boy Wasted with Baker

 Drinking Contest Gone Wrong… Check this funny video!


Now we all know the White Boy BAKER “How you like me now”

Attack of the Internet FAILS !

So you can probably already guess what this post is going to be about…  INTERNET FAILS !  Planet804 has compiled the Best of the worst INTERNET FAILS for your viewing pleasure.  Were going to let them go head to head to see who is the Epic FAIL! Place your bets now on these Epic FAILS.  Check them out below plus some of their most famous quotes LoL 

* 50TYSON  “i aint gone say dat im 50 tyson”

Eli Porter  “See im the best man, i deed it”

Tony   “why should I myself like people”

Tsimfuckis  “Its your boy tsimfuckis a.k.a chicken little”

Antoine Dodson AUTOTUNE REMIX “They raping everybody out here”

*SIDENOTE:  It’s a dam shame that as corny as this dude is rapping, if they threw a beat behind it and told you it was the most popular thing, you would like it.  I’m starting to believe that younger people see a lot of these corny rappers that’s actually out now & think they can get a deal with wack rhymes & punch lines… THINK ABOUT IT!

Webcam FAILS

This was some of the funniest FAILS I caught on webcam (sex cam).  Before we get started let me start off by saying IM CHEAP! so there is no way I would pay for this.  It was free for me to catch these FAILS, so I present  them to you for your entertainment.   I guess these chix don’t have a i-pimp (internet pimp) because there is no way he would let his girls slack on the job like this.  Shouldnt they be getting money from some bored sucker via credit card… so there wife can find it on the statement? Bwahahahahahaha

I guess she was completely sleep when she suppose to be getting money.







Maybe she wanted for you to pay to watch her take a lil siesta… At least she’s kinda cute.








What??? Dont you eat chicken on live webchats too??








designer Cat wallpaper… Where they do that at?








Oh hell naw BUSH is back in office!!!








This is a Public Service Announcement:  Young Ladies, Please do not degrade yourself and your unborn child!!!













Do yall Remember Calling “Crazy Lady” aka Bloody Marry (it’s a RVA thing)

 When i was in middle school, i never forget it was a time when the teacher had stepped out the room (bad idea, when u got bad azz kids lol) Dude went up to the chalk board and wrote real big “Call Crazy Lady” and the number.  I can’t remember the number but i still got it somewhere @ my moma house.  So you know everybody went home that day to call that mysterious number.  Now dam near everybody in Richmond between the ages of 24-28 remember what happens when you call CRAZY Lady’s number!!!

“EAT MY BLOODY PUSSY maufucker”  “im gone kill you” and all types of numerous obscenities she use to yell at you across the phone lol!!!

This is not an Urban Legend… THIS REALLY HAPPEND !

The Legend of Crazy Lady… Do you remember calling her????????