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Do yall Remember Calling “Crazy Lady” aka Bloody Marry (it’s a RVA thing)

 When i was in middle school, i never forget it was a time when the teacher had stepped out the room (bad idea, when u got bad azz kids lol) Dude went up to the chalk board and wrote real big “Call Crazy Lady” and the number.  I can’t remember the number but i still got it somewhere @ my moma house.  So you know everybody went home that day to call that mysterious number.  Now dam near everybody in Richmond between the ages of 24-28 remember what happens when you call CRAZY Lady’s number!!!

“EAT MY BLOODY PUSSY maufucker”  “im gone kill you” and all types of numerous obscenities she use to yell at you across the phone lol!!!

This is not an Urban Legend… THIS REALLY HAPPEND !

The Legend of Crazy Lady… Do you remember calling her????????