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Who is Les La Britanica ?

Who said MySpace wasnt good for anything anymore? Even though its kinda turning into a waste ground for social networking, it’s still good for signed & unsigned artist to showcase their music along with snatching a free website.  So I said all that to say this… I came across a group out of Richmond VA by the name of Les La Britanica.

I tried to search for as much info on this techno/hiphop/electronica fusion of a group and all I could find is this: Band members consist of Les La, Jilla Kew & Reil Young also known as “The skinny girl, the missing tooth & The killa jew” The Lady of the group reminds me of M.I.A and the 2 guys remind me of Get Busy Committee.  Take a listen to some of Les La Britanica DOPE music which can be found @ 

Stand out tracks are:

“Girl Fight”

“Doin Thangs”

“Stoopid, Faded”

For Bookings: 

Check Les La Britanica upcoming show @ The Camel July 19th 2010.  I did my investigative journalism and that’s all I could come up with folks.

Lil Moma said “I got two brass knuckles in my bra” now that’s my kinda of Gal 😉


The Rebirth Beat Battle 3 is back in Richmond VA and calling all worthy Hip-Hop Producers to compete!  But this time around the event is packed with more substance, Charged Up Ent. Artist NOAH-O “I Got It” (VA Anthem) VIDEO SHOOT along with BLACKLYRIC Mixtape Release “The Last Shall Be First”


“Trillmatic 2” Mixtape DOWNLOAD:

The Camel
1621 W.Broad St.

Thursday July 29th

8p-2a (Producers must arrive by 9:30p SLOTS ARE LIMITED)
18+ to enter
21+ to drink
Only $5

*Door Proceeds to benefit RVA producer Chad Rach of Divine Profitz.

*If possible wear clothing with “VA” or “Virginia” for video shoot

*8pm solo scenes 11pm Crowd Scene

{For Beat Battle info contact}








Kick Pushing threw the streets of 804

I hope this helps the Skate Boarders of RVA get a little closer to getting a public skate park in Richmond VA.  Check out this well produced video documentary about skateboarding and the demand for a skatepark in downtown Richmond, Virginia  If you have any info on how to contribute to this project please email

Special Shoutout to the kids around my way of  Northside RVA that skate in “Hippoland” (on the red thing)


Suburban District “No Louis V”

Richmond Va based rap group Suburban District takes a stand against high-priced clothing that some spend their whole pay checks for!  “if aint about Richmond it aint about much”


Big Brother is watching & WE THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING THEM!

I found this sign down in shockoe bottom Richmond va one night. We The People would like to let them know… Were watching you too!


Memphis Rapper Yo Gotti Arrested in downtown Richmond for ???

Lost Richmond – Exploring Elko Tract, Richmond’s “Lost City” (via You Guys Should Know)

I think i should make a trip here! Thanx for the info

Lost Richmond - Exploring Elko Tract, Richmond's "Lost City" Richmond is a town of history. Everything is historic… the streets, the buildings, the canals, the houses.. its almost overload to the point where there’s so much history no one really pays attention to it on a daily basis because its just there. About a decade ago, I began hearing stories out of Richmond East-enders about Richmond’s Lost City. Although no two stories were alike, the basic gist of it was that during World War II, Richmond creat … Read More

via You Guys Should Know

Crazy letter found on abandoned car in Rva

This crazy letter was brought to me by one of my friends, He said it was just laying on an old abandoned car somewhere in Richmond Va. Get ready cause it makes no sence… or does it?????? Click to read.

This Letter of confusion was found somewhere near this location!