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Blackout affects 3,600 in Henrico County

I woke up to no power 2 days in a row.  The first night the power went off around 10pm I was told that it came back on some time after 1am.  Then the same thing all over again sometime around 3pm July 7th 2010 it only lasted maybe 45 minutes.  The news and VA Dominion power are blaming it on the large consumption of power being used because of AC’s running all day?  It gets hot in Richmond VA every summer, what the hell makes this one so different?  To me it seems like an excuse as to why there about to hit us with a HUGE electric bill!  I urge you to report any outages too VA Dominion Power (1-888-667-0011) as soon as it happens, maybe this will get us some type of credit on our bill!

More info here Blackout affects 3,600 in Henrico | Richmond Times-Dispatch.