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[VIDEO] VA State Trooper hits Skateboader with car

Details are still kind of sketchy on this apparent hit and run on a Skater down at VCU.  According to a Reddit post the kid wasn’t upset and didn’t press charges on the Virgina State trooper that bumped his ass onto the hood of his car.  This is what the Mainstream media had to say about the incident: LINK



The coolest trick is at the 00:33 mark

Kick Pushing threw the streets of 804

I hope this helps the Skate Boarders of RVA get a little closer to getting a public skate park in Richmond VA.  Check out this well produced video documentary about skateboarding and the demand for a skatepark in downtown Richmond, Virginia  If you have any info on how to contribute to this project please email

Special Shoutout to the kids around my way of  Northside RVA that skate in “Hippoland” (on the red thing)