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Webcam FAILS

This was some of the funniest FAILS I caught on webcam (sex cam).  Before we get started let me start off by saying IM CHEAP! so there is no way I would pay for this.  It was free for me to catch these FAILS, so I present  them to you for your entertainment.   I guess these chix don’t have a i-pimp (internet pimp) because there is no way he would let his girls slack on the job like this.  Shouldnt they be getting money from some bored sucker via credit card… so there wife can find it on the statement? Bwahahahahahaha

I guess she was completely sleep when she suppose to be getting money.







Maybe she wanted for you to pay to watch her take a lil siesta… At least she’s kinda cute.








What??? Dont you eat chicken on live webchats too??








designer Cat wallpaper… Where they do that at?








Oh hell naw BUSH is back in office!!!








This is a Public Service Announcement:  Young Ladies, Please do not degrade yourself and your unborn child!!!