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[VIDEO] Pusha-T Official Wrath Of Cain Trailer

WRATH OF CAIN Coming Soon!

[MOVIE TRAILER] Decayed Richmond | Fall Teaser

This is the 2nd Trailer release from Decayed Richmond, The documentary comes out early 2013.

Toxic Turdz Trailers

Check out the trailer for “Toxic Turdz” a RVA Skate Doc. that I missed a few weeks back at The Byrd, but now we can watch together! LOL

Brought to you by Born Ugly Magazine x Dominion Skateboards

Blac Label Clothing Line Commercial Ft. Noah-O

Blac Label Premium and Noah-O of Charged Up Ent. Team up

Video by Media Den

Noah-O making noise all over Virginia !

Chris Brown “12 Strands: Matrix” video Prelude to THE LAST DRAGON REMAKE ?

Cover of "The Last Dragon"

Cover of The Last Dragon

R&B singer Chris Brown just debuted his Short film/video for “12 Strands: Matrix” on his website on September 27th as a pay-per-view video.  Yes you heard me right you have to Pay to watch the video for $2.99.  All in a good cause because the money is being donated to “Symphonic Love Foundation”  So any video with Matrix in the tittle is sure to have a fight scene in it, which it does and is choreographed pretty well.  After watching the full length video im wondering if this is a prelude to the rumors of the VA native playing the main character in “The Last Dragon” Remake movie.  Wu-Tang Clans executive Producer The Rza had said at one point in a interview with XXL Magazine he was eyeing Chris Brown to play the role of “Bruce Leroy” in the Martial Arts Cult Classic. 




Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

I kinda can’t believe there making a Paranormal Activity 2 movie.  When the first movie came out either you were scared or not, i cant lie and say that the first PA movie actually bored me a little all the way till the end when the creepiness of the whole movie crept on me and my friend!  It’s funny that some people still believe the two CHARACTERS  from the first movie were real.

Official Paranormal Activity 2 trailer

 And for those who never saw the all 3 Alternate endings of the first Paranormal Activity check this