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Its Something Tainted about this movie!

It was a nice sunny day in RVA, People walking around with the utmost Southern Hospitality that VA brings, kids drawing on the ground all up and down Carry street even  the birds were chirping and shit! lol

But if you walked a little further down the street to the Historical Byrd Theater we saw this & things got crazy, we like crazy at Planet804!

It was a movie playing called “The Taint” by Drew Bolduc & Dan Nelson.  Yes the movie was crazy,funny,B rated and GOOOOOOREY! Just like those low budget Troma movies this was straight out of VA something we could call our own! What happends when a Dick enlargeing syrum that goes wrong gets poured into the James River you get the movie The Taint!

Check their page for more info

I hear the hunger in a Rappers voice straight out of RVA & The Bay area?

Richmond Va Rapper Noah O was born in The Bay Area of Cali but lived most of his years in RVA, I guess thats why he coined the phrase “V-yAy” I have no more time to explain this talented rapper so ill just let his music and a few links to his pages explain it all.  Check the Hard hitting single “i got it” feat. Streetz Deep & J.deniro Bass loud in the streets of VA (Certified VA Anthem)


Noah-O “i got it” promo video

Noah-O “oh my”

Noah-O “Gwap  Getta”

Also him and his partner Black Fonzarelli are bringing back elements of  Hip-Hop to the 804 with there Rebirth Events.  Check out some video below.  

Past Rebirth Beat Battle Vids

For more info on Noah-O,Trillmatic2,Black Fonzarelli,The Rebirth Click the linx below!

Photos from ” Broad Appétit “

The HUNGRY staff of planet804 took to the streets of Downtown Richmond Va last week.  Actually we were headed to the Greek Fest and just so happened to see Broad street blocked off… So since I really didn’t know where i was going to get to the Greek Fest, Broad Appétit was the perfect detour! Sorry there is no actual pix of the food, but just know the tilapia fish, Louisiana po boy sandwich,rice and im just gone call it Jamaican Spinach(don’t know what it was called, I just know I bought it from Caribbean Mingles stand) WAS SOOOO GOOD! 

Maybe i should have got a stand down there & sold some of my famous VA Baked Chicken! Only my second time fixing it lol

Crazy letter found on abandoned car in Rva

This crazy letter was brought to me by one of my friends, He said it was just laying on an old abandoned car somewhere in Richmond Va. Get ready cause it makes no sence… or does it?????? Click to read.

This Letter of confusion was found somewhere near this location!