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[VIDEO] J. Roddy Rod “ASSPERENCE” Vlog 1 & 2


Follow J. Roddy Rod on this behind the scenes experience ASSperence Episode 1 & 2

[VIDEO] J Roddy Rod “I GOT HOES”

[VIDEO] J Roddy Rod Interview by @EustaciaLondon

Hip Hop Va caught up with VA’s “King Of All Things Twerk,” J Roddy Rod also known as Mr Where Da Twerkas At. The Twerk God shared some important information regarding his upcoming projects and his Where Da Twerkas At movement.

The Raw and Random World of J Roddy Rod Ep. 1

J. Roddy Rod aka Mr. Where Da Twerkas At. takes us on a crazy journey of his world!

J Roddy Rod “Where Da Twerkas At” Video

Its time for some Booty…. J. Roddy Rod got them girls bouncing!